Boost your mental health.

Depressed and anxious moods can really wreak havoc on a healthy lifestyle. It is very hard to find the motivation to engage in healthy behaviors when feeling emotionally unwell. Yet, it is those healthy behaviors that will actually make you feel better! This is the difficulty of mental health and makes it a tough cycle … Continue reading Boost your mental health.

Positive mindset.

A positive mindset improves quality of life dramatically. Right now, consider the difference in emotion telling yourself, "you will never lose weight, you are terrible" versus, "this is going to be hard, but you can do it, you have it in you!" Or some variety of this!! Here is a bit more about the power … Continue reading Positive mindset.

Mom, pamper yourself!

Happy Mother's Day! While today can be a great time to spend quality time with your children, allowing time for healthy self-care is also a great idea. Here are some ideas for pampering yourself this Mother's Day! Remember, these are good tips for everyone looking for some self-care and pampering any day!

The Wellness Project.

Here is another book to check out, by Phoebe Lapine. She details a year-long wellness project, specifically designed to help her with an autoimmune issue. It is a nice book to consider her trials and errors, with cutting out food groups, balancing her gut, considering hormones, monitoring sleep and stress, and more. Worth a read … Continue reading The Wellness Project.