Weight loss mistakes.

There are many plans and potential rules to follow when losing weight. Although staying on track and sustained effort can be difficult, the actual process need not be so challenging. This article from Self provides nice tips for achieving and maintaining weight loss, allowing leniency, and mistakes that can be made when too hyper-focused on things … Continue reading Weight loss mistakes.

Kara’s story.

I love before and after photos and weight loss stories. These are great to search for and read when you need inspiration and motivation to keep up the hard work! Check out Kara's story, see her terrific photos, and learn about how she did it! From POPSUGAR... https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Before-After-Weight-Loss-TIU-Kara-42339603/amp

Kardashian weight loss secrets.

Whether you are obsessed with or not in favor of the Kardashian clan, there is no denying they all look great! Here are some useful tips put together by health.com on how these women keep their bodies in shape, flawless skin, and youthful appearance... http://www.health.com/fitness/#14-ghee-kardashian-weight-secrets