Oxygen Magazine Challenge 2017!

I have done the oxygen magazine challenge in the past, as a non-competitor. You can choose to compete or simply complete the program for your personal benefit! Both are terrific options. Some people really like that competition for extra motivation, and others prefer to have a specific plan but engage without the pressure of the … Continue reading Oxygen Magazine Challenge 2017!

Before and after with weight training.

I am a huge proponent of weight lifting. It helps you feel powerful, and gives you that tremendous shape you want. Check out this article from Fitness Magazine for before and after photos and stories... helped by lifting weights! http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/lose-weight/build-strength/women-weight-lifting-body-transformations/?utm_campaign=fit_trueanthem_evergreen&utm_content=58ec270f04d301375d4a1b10&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&page=1

Female fitness myths.

Although female weight lifting is more and more common, I still frequently hear concern of getting "too bulky" which just won't happen! Weight lifting has so many physical and mental health benefits, including helping you achieve that desired shape and help put an end to those body image concerns! Check out more female fitness myths … Continue reading Female fitness myths.