The fear of keeping up.

Previously I discussed the greatness of missing out periodically by taking breaks from technology. Here is another article by Mindful magazine looking at the negative impact of technology, and the "fear of keeping up" (FOKU). Often when I discuss patients setting better boundaries, I hear excuses in the way of other people not understanding or … Continue reading The fear of keeping up.

The joy of missing out.

I like the title of this article, because I see often anxieties being raised by a fear of missing out (what people are terming FOMO) in many areas. There is something so spectacular about choosing to miss out on certain things in life! This article focuses specifically on technology, which is a huge source of … Continue reading The joy of missing out.


I am a lover of podcasts, and strongly recommend considering podcasts particularly if you do not love to read. I also love to read, but sometimes my mind just wants a break... and listening works much better on those days! Podcasts are an avenue to relax, enjoy, learn, and it do not require staring at a computer screen! A … Continue reading Podcasts.