Stay on track through illness.

This topic is fitting today, as I have been battling a bad cold/flu - even more annoying that it is this time of year! I find it hard to stay on track when I am not well. Even when I feel nauseated, I have a tendency to think comfort foods will make me feel better. … Continue reading Stay on track through illness.

Mindfulness activities.

Stress is one of the main reasons we do not engage in healthy behaviors. When stress sets in, we feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and decision making becomes more difficult. When feeling led by negative emotion, negative coping choices easily follow. Small bits of mindfulness are hugely helpful in slowing down and regaining the ability to make … Continue reading Mindfulness activities.

The Wellness Project.

Here is another book to check out, by Phoebe Lapine. She details a year-long wellness project, specifically designed to help her with an autoimmune issue. It is a nice book to consider her trials and errors, with cutting out food groups, balancing her gut, considering hormones, monitoring sleep and stress, and more. Worth a read … Continue reading The Wellness Project.

Grief and exercise.

I sadly lost a family member last week, bringing with it stress and high emotion for so many. Such times come with seemingly impossible physical and emotional distress. It is vitally important during such stressful times to stay on top of wellness to aid in coping and healing. Grief and overwhelming stress come in many … Continue reading Grief and exercise.