Weight loss tips.

Every once in a while it is worth brushing up on basic tips for weight loss! I am a firm believer in not drastically cutting calories, increasing overall movement in your day, and engaging in self-care and other non-weight loss goals. Let this article provide you with some new motivation for the week ahead! From … Continue reading Weight loss tips.

The Wellness Project.

Here is another book to check out, by Phoebe Lapine. She details a year-long wellness project, specifically designed to help her with an autoimmune issue. It is a nice book to consider her trials and errors, with cutting out food groups, balancing her gut, considering hormones, monitoring sleep and stress, and more. Worth a read … Continue reading The Wellness Project.

Make self-care a habit.

Self-care is something often neglected, another thing you may think you do not have time for. While exercise and healthy eating are part of self-care, it is important to expand self-care into relaxation, downtime, self-exploration, trying new things, etc.  Unfortunately it is all too easy to get into the habit of treating ourselves with negative … Continue reading Make self-care a habit.

Get healthy no matter how stressed.

This time of year can be a more stressful and hectic time for both positive and negative reasons. We must deal with weather changes, and changing seasons can decrease motivation and mood; holiday planning, which can come with financial stress; family dynamics; end of year tasks... many things become stressors. Here are some tips from mindbodygreen to … Continue reading Get healthy no matter how stressed.