Practice self-love.

I am always disheartened to hear how much negative self-talk people engage in on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is a regular talk with patients in my practice. Of course I can be guilty of this too! But, along with years of working on my physical and psychological health, I have really worked on changing … Continue reading Practice self-love.

Boost yourself.

Many of us have a tendency toward very negative self-talk. It takes effort and practice to move to a more positive way of engaging with ourselves. The Super Bowl was this past weekend, a time where many overindulge. Weekends in general, happy hours during the week, lunches with co-workers, bites off the kids plates, mid-week … Continue reading Boost yourself.

Make self-care a habit.

Self-care is something often neglected, another thing you may think you do not have time for. While exercise and healthy eating are part of self-care, it is important to expand self-care into relaxation, downtime, self-exploration, trying new things, etc.  Unfortunately it is all too easy to get into the habit of treating ourselves with negative … Continue reading Make self-care a habit.