Weight loss tips.

Every once in a while it is worth brushing up on basic tips for weight loss! I am a firm believer in not drastically cutting calories, increasing overall movement in your day, and engaging in self-care and other non-weight loss goals. Let this article provide you with some new motivation for the week ahead! From … Continue reading Weight loss tips.

Self-care wheel.

Balance in self-care is importance for both physical and psychological wellness. Here is a nice article from POPSUGAR with ideas for more rounded self-care and a wheel to visualize where you are at! Work on adding at least one of these into each week or month! https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Parts-Self-Care-Wheel-44872040/amp

Mom, pamper yourself!

Happy Mother's Day! While today can be a great time to spend quality time with your children, allowing time for healthy self-care is also a great idea. Here are some ideas for pampering yourself this Mother's Day! Remember, these are good tips for everyone looking for some self-care and pampering any day! https://momwifebusylife.com/5-ways-to-pamper-yourself-as-a-mom/

Balanced self-care.

While diet and exercise are certainly self-care behaviors, there are many more areas of ourselves important to nurture for overall wellness. Check out these balanced self-care ideas from tiny buddha! Consider adding one or two of these into your daily routine to exercise other parts of your body and mind! https://tinybuddha.com/blog/45-simple-self-care-practices-for-a-healthy-mind-body-and-soul/