Grief and exercise.

I sadly lost a family member last week, bringing with it stress and high emotion for so many. Such times come with seemingly impossible physical and emotional distress. It is vitally important during such stressful times to stay on top of wellness to aid in coping and healing. Grief and overwhelming stress come in many … Continue reading Grief and exercise.

Lifestyle stressors.

We often engage in negative behaviors with the intent of stress reduction. But, those very behaviors we think are helpful for coping, those negative coping behaviors, actually increase stress in our lives. Check out these negative coping/stress adding behaviors versus stress reducing behaviors. Stress inducing behaviors… Tobacco (smoking/chewing) Caffeine – more than 2-3 cups per … Continue reading Lifestyle stressors.


Obtaining a more objective and rational view of ourselves and our personal problems allows us to more clearly think of ways to work on changing these problems. Objective self-monitoring is difficult. Our emotional state can quite easily lead us to view situations in a non-objective manner, over-react, and make us unable to see how to … Continue reading Self-monitoring.


I enjoyed this article on self-care, and like the idea of the simple online self-care guide which can be found within the article... "You feel like shit: an interactive self-care guide." A simple reminder of the little things that lead to our overall improved wellbeing! I can never stress enough the importance of the little … Continue reading Self-care.

Coping with food.

Sometimes food is used as a tool for coping and you may not even recognize this is the case. I previously discussed the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. Emotional hunger is more likely to lead to negatively coping with food. Coping with food can lead to weight gain, poor health, lethargy, low mood, … Continue reading Coping with food.