Create healthy habits for Fall.

Fall is a great time to get back into a healthy routine! It is easy to think summer will be a time for weight loss, but with the increase in vacation and socializing this is not always the case. The cool weather of Fall, school back in session, routines better in place - all make … Continue reading Create healthy habits for Fall.

The afternoon slump.

It can be hard to push through that afternoon slump. Here are some tips that don't involve excessive afternoon caffeine - which could further impact sleep - and create a vicious cycle of even greater fatigue the next day! From SparkPeople...

Atomic Habits.

If you have not yet read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear pick up or download a copy today! Clear does a terrific job describing the power of establishing habits toward self-improvement, along with advice on where in the process to actually create the habit. Well worth the read! Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way … Continue reading Atomic Habits.

Plan your workouts…

Whether you love working out, or rather dread the idea, having a plan is key to finding the time, working on the areas you'd like in terms of fitness, and gaining the mental energy, focus, and excitement for the workout. It is also a time of self-care and self-reflection to sit down and think about … Continue reading Plan your workouts…

Create a calming morning routine.

I am a firm believer of taking a short amount of time in the morning to be quiet and still with your thoughts, think about the day, center yourself, and get prepared for the day ahead. Make this a time of positivity and stress relief, not a time to beat yourself up for yesterday or … Continue reading Create a calming morning routine.