Weekend eating.

Weekends can be the hardest time to stay on track. Some things to consider if you are frequently overeating on the weekend... All or nothing thinking: a mentality that does not allow for moderation in your diet only makes it more likely you will eventually overconsume. Find ways to allow moderation into your weekly diet... consider … Continue reading Weekend eating.

Weigh yourself to promote weight loss.

I am not necessarily a fan of daily weights. This is really something individual to the person. If you cannot truly believe and know that daily weight can fluctuate within a few pounds, and an increase in weight leads you to psychologically bashing yourself, then I recommend a weekly weigh in! Nonetheless, avoiding the scale … Continue reading Weigh yourself to promote weight loss.

Moms… pamper yourself!

Moms (and Dads, but it IS Mother's Day weekend!) work so hard to keep up with the demands of raising kids and trying to balance their own wellbeing. We can all benefit greatly from finding personal time in our daily/weekly lives, not inclusive to this special weekend, but FOR SURE on this special weekend! Here are some … Continue reading Moms… pamper yourself!

Progress pics.

I strongly recommend everyone take progress pics! It is motivating to take a picture every month and see your progress... and more important than a number on the scale. Especially when adding strength, monitoring your progress in other ways than the scale is highly important. When I first started weight lifting, I lost no weight … Continue reading Progress pics.