Health mistakes in your 30’s, not to repeat in your 40’s.

This article from SparkPeople rings very true for the way many of us live our lives unhealthily once kids and/or careers come along. Check out this article to pay attention to those things you have been doing against your health and wellbeing, and consider what changes you need to make moving forward with more health and wellness! … Continue reading Health mistakes in your 30’s, not to repeat in your 40’s.

“Me” time.

Having time for yourself is an essential pillar in overall wellness. When we look at the main areas of self-care, consider your relationships (romantic and otherwise), parenting, work/school, other commitments, and then time for yourself to enhance your mind/body/spirit/emotion connection. When you let “me” time out of your overall picture, you will soon begin to … Continue reading “Me” time.

Prevent injury.

Proper training is essential. This is particularly true when working to reach a fitness or weight loss goal. Injury will keep you away from reaching that goal as quickly as you would like and potentially give you an excuse to give up... and suffer in the meantime! 😦 With weight loss often comes all-or-nothing thinking, … Continue reading Prevent injury.


I enjoyed this article on self-care, and like the idea of the simple online self-care guide which can be found within the article... "You feel like shit: an interactive self-care guide." A simple reminder of the little things that lead to our overall improved wellbeing! I can never stress enough the importance of the little … Continue reading Self-care.