Yesterday I asked you to consider which are the areas most important to work on right now for your own personal wellness. Check out this article from about Warren Buffett's 5-Step Process for Prioritizing True Success. With his level of success, I think his advice is worth considering! h

Get healthy no matter how stressed.

This time of year can be a more stressful and hectic time for both positive and negative reasons. We must deal with weather changes, and changing seasons can decrease motivation and mood; holiday planning, which can come with financial stress; family dynamics; end of year tasks... many things become stressors. Here are some tips from¬†mindbodygreen¬†to … Continue reading Get healthy no matter how stressed.

Practice self-care.

Practicing regular self-care is key to managing stress. As you begin to slow down and take time for yourself, even in small increments, you will become more self-aware. This will serve you well with understanding what you need to feel healthy and strong each day, or notice when your mind and/or body are not doing … Continue reading Practice self-care.

More tips for “me” time.

Here are some more great "me" time tips. Although each article may be directed toward a specific gender or life situation, I believe this tips are all helpful for everyone! The more you read about and consider options, the more likely something will click or seem like something worth trying for you. Try multiple things … Continue reading More tips for “me” time.

Finding time.

All too often we have excuses for why we cannot fit in the tasks needed to meet our goals. The truth is though, once you are serious about your goal, you can make the time to get there! Check out these ideas for fitting extra time into your day from Learning to say no, … Continue reading Finding time.