Moms… pamper yourself!

Moms (and Dads, but it IS Mother's Day weekend!) work so hard to keep up with the demands of raising kids and trying to balance their own wellbeing. We can all benefit greatly from finding personal time in our daily/weekly lives, not inclusive to this special weekend, but FOR SURE on this special weekend! Here are some … Continue reading Moms… pamper yourself!

Body image after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an incredible miracle, and having a baby such a joy. Yet, it is also a time for mommies to deal with changing bodies, worry of whether they will get their bodies back, and really giving up your body for the process of growing and nourishing that little bundle of joy! The important thing to remember, … Continue reading Body image after pregnancy.

Coping with food.

Sometimes food is used as a tool for coping and you may not even recognize this is the case. I previously discussed the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. Emotional hunger is more likely to lead to negatively coping with food. Coping with food can lead to weight gain, poor health, lethargy, low mood, … Continue reading Coping with food.


Here is a long list of coping/distraction techniques. Read through them, write down ones you may consider, or print out and check them off. Refer to this when you are feeling down, bored, or tempted to eat! Healthy coping and distraction are a must for getting through some tough moments on this journey! If you … Continue reading Coping.


Pregnancy is a difficult time for many reasons. Anxiety is prevalent because of all of the unknowns. Will the baby be okay? Will I be able to raise a child? Will I be a good parent? Will I ever sleep again? Will I know what to do? Will I love the baby? Will the baby … Continue reading Pregnancy.