Tips for living a more meaningful life.

I am an advocate for self-help and homework in therapy, because it is so important we work on ourselves every day to become who we want to be. I often recommend homework and self-help outside of the stated concern, because truly changing involves a broad look at ourselves. I strongly believe goals such as weight … Continue reading Tips for living a more meaningful life.

Psych yourself up.

Whether to get started or keep going through a workout, sticking to a meal plan, or getting ready for the week ahead, mindset plays a huge role in how much energy we have to help us through. A negative mindset can zap energy, whereas a positive mindset has the power to create it. I believe … Continue reading Psych yourself up.

Loving kindness meditation.

Changing the way we think about things is essential for overall wellbeing. This can be the people in our lives, our personal situation, the way we feel about ourselves, etc. Whether you buy into, or will ever try, meditation, simply engaging in more positive thinking can be life changing! However you take the time, just … Continue reading Loving kindness meditation.

Feelings of inadequacy.

A lack of confidence in your ability can have a direct effect on your ability! When we think we cannot do something, we limit ourselves simply with the negative mindset, engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thought processes and belief systems effect behavior, and therefore believing we cannot accomplish something makes it more likely we will … Continue reading Feelings of inadequacy.

The power of possibility.

The world is full of possibilities, yet we often are bogged down in our routine, fear of change, overwhelm, personal putdowns, and an “I can’t” attitude. The “I can’t” attitude is one to be changed immediately… when you find yourself saying “I can’t” it is a signal to challenge yourself to think of why or … Continue reading The power of possibility.