The way you talk to yourself has a huge impact on general well-being, satisfaction, meeting goals, and living up to your potential and desired life. Learning positive self-talk takes time after years of negative thinking patterns. Be patient, catch yourself when being negative, and actively work to change negative self-statements to the positive. It may … Continue reading Self-talk.

Positive mindset.

A positive mindset improves quality of life dramatically. Right now, consider the difference in emotion telling yourself, "you will never lose weight, you are terrible" versus, "this is going to be hard, but you can do it, you have it in you!" Or some variety of this!! Here is a bit more about the power … Continue reading Positive mindset.

Boost yourself.

Many of us have a tendency toward very negative self-talk. It takes effort and practice to move to a more positive way of engaging with ourselves. The Super Bowl was this past weekend, a time where many overindulge. Weekends in general, happy hours during the week, lunches with co-workers, bites off the kids plates, mid-week … Continue reading Boost yourself.