Stick with your healthy habits.

It can be hard to stick with healthy habits, because the results are not always noticaeable right away. Weight loss takes time! To truly begin to notice results we need to think in terms of weeks, not days. Evaluating habits after doing them for 4 weeks will give a much better assessment of success than … Continue reading Stick with your healthy habits.

Amazing weight loss inspiration… from home!

Check out this amazing weight loss story! A truly inspirational story of the ability to lose weight at any size and without going to the gym! I also love the truth in taking small steps and keeping with it. Every day we make healthy choices is another day toward meeting our goals, and sticking with … Continue reading Amazing weight loss inspiration… from home!

Coping with food.

Sometimes food is used as a tool for coping and you may not even recognize this is the case. I previously discussed the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. Emotional hunger is more likely to lead to negatively coping with food. Coping with food can lead to weight gain, poor health, lethargy, low mood, … Continue reading Coping with food.

Actual goal setting.

It is important to be realistic when setting goals. If you completely eliminate a food you truly love, you will be more likely to eventually binge or give up all together because you feel like the process is just too hard. My recommendation is to not get so caught up in the details when you … Continue reading Actual goal setting.

“I don’t have any support.”

"I don’t have any support from loved ones" is something I often hear when people believe they cannot meet their goals, or find themselves having a hard time with their goal. And unfortunately, they may be right, they may not have good support. Some people have a hard time asking for support, or communicating needs to someone who could be supportive, … Continue reading “I don’t have any support.”