It can be hard to remember gratitude in relationships. Things we previously found endearing, were easily willing to do for, or would put up with from the other person can become frustrating annoyances. Small irritations are easily brushed off in the beginning phase of a relationship. Soon, though, repeatedly picking up towels from the floor … Continue reading Relationships.

Moms… pamper yourself!

Moms (and Dads, but it IS Mother's Day weekend!) work so hard to keep up with the demands of raising kids and trying to balance their own wellbeing. We can all benefit greatly from finding personal time in our daily/weekly lives, not inclusive to this special weekend, but FOR SURE on this special weekend! Here are some … Continue reading Moms… pamper yourself!


Comparing yourself to others is another way to incite negativity into your life. Make a list of the qualities you use to compare yourself to others… be honest. Is it attractiveness, wealth, strength, intelligence, generosity, balance, desirability, capability, superiority, accomplishment? Look at your list. Are these the qualities you are insecure about in your own … Continue reading Comparisons.

When your partner is not supportive.

Relationships pose large concern when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Some relationships will be supportive, and some may actually work to sabotage your efforts. Romantic relationships are especially difficult, because this is the person you are closest too and want to support you! Unfortunately, the support you are seeking may not always be there. … Continue reading When your partner is not supportive.