Healthy habits for families.

Here is a nice article from Reader's Digest with multiple tips for creating wellness within your family. The tips can be used for singles as well, or think friends, etc! Finding ways to incorporate habits of wellness into families can increase the wellbeing of each individual, and make the family unit feel so much better. … Continue reading Healthy habits for families.

Smoothie bowls.

Smoothie bowls are more filling than your typical smoothie because there are more add-ins, and they are delicious! Check out these bowl ideas from Buzzfeed! Yum! Also a great healthy idea for kids! 

The joy of missing out.

I like the title of this article, because I see often anxieties being raised by a fear of missing out (what people are terming FOMO) in many areas. There is something so spectacular about choosing to miss out on certain things in life! This article focuses specifically on technology, which is a huge source of … Continue reading The joy of missing out.