Be grateful for and toward your body.

Our bodies are so important and so incredible! They get us through the long days, carry us around, and maintain our health. The body is also a signal for when our bad habits are getting in the way of health - our physical and psychological health. It truly is so important to take the best … Continue reading Be grateful for and toward your body.

Halloween candy guide.

Here is a Halloween candy calorie guide from Hungry Girl. Don't be afraid to add treats into your diet in moderation! Life is not about complete deprivation, and deprivation only makes it more likely you'll fall off and binge. Work on being mindful when you indulge. Sit down, savor that treat, pay attention to that taste you've … Continue reading Halloween candy guide.

ThinkThin oatmeal.

I discovered these before I left town this time. They are delicious! They have been perfect for travel and will be super convenient for home. High in protein and fiber, low in sugar, and around 200 calories each. Just add water and about 45 seconds in the microwave... can't beat that for convenience! Try some!