No excuse exercise.

You do not need any fancy equipment, intense skill, or massive amounts of time to workout! Here is a workout plan from POPSUGAR to be done anywhere, no matter how small the area, and without any equipment. If you can’t get through all the circuits, work on doing everything once and build from there! Try … Continue reading No excuse exercise.

Body weight workout.

I do this type of workout in my free time, while watching television, and especially when injured and have to modify. When I began this journey I injured my knee quite badly. Old me would have given up, but motivated me - at 225 pounds - kept up with these type of leg strengthening workouts … Continue reading Body weight workout.

Consider these before you give up on your goal…

It is midweek, which can be a time where stress sets in, the week feels long, and it may be easier to consider giving in and giving up! But, before you do, consider these helpful tips from

Prepare for the holiday weekend.

Holidays and vacation are such an easy time to get off track. Often gatherings are filled with unhealthy foods, alcohol, and you may be less active or not have time for a full workout when away or with friends and family. Some tips to stay on track during the long holiday weekend… Pre-plan as much … Continue reading Prepare for the holiday weekend.