Psych yourself up.

Whether to get started or keep going through a workout, sticking to a meal plan, or getting ready for the week ahead, mindset plays a huge role in how much energy we have to help us through. A negative mindset can zap energy, whereas a positive mindset has the power to create it. I believe … Continue reading Psych yourself up.

Workout music.

I always find it motivating to update my playlist when I'm in a funk. It helps me look forward to my workouts and more energized to have some new tunes! Music can be a great motivator to meet other goals too, such as chores or to use for distraction/relaxation when you need a break! Here … Continue reading Workout music.

Embrace boredom.

It is a skill in life to learn to be okay with boredom, something many of us do not do well, particularly in the era of technology. In my own home, I hear complaints of boredom any time electronics are removed from the equation for too long! I see this repeatedly with both adults and … Continue reading Embrace boredom.