Quotes to inspire.

Check out these 20 motivating quotes put together by Women's Day. I keep quotes randomly popping on my phone, in my office, car, and at home to keep me motivated throughout the day and week! This has been a large part of my success... I recommend you try the same... https://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/womens-health/g3209/best-weight-loss-motivation/

Motivation board.

Consider starting a motivation board this weekend. Fill it with goals, specific steps to meet those goals, motivating pictures, motivating quotes, reward plans, progress photos or numbers, etc. Anything that pleases you, is motivating, and will be a reminder to stay on track! I keep a motivation board in my room, as well as motivating … Continue reading Motivation board.


Get inspired this week by checking out the Ed Mylett podcast episode “300 Pounds to a Nike Athlete.” Inspiration for personal success in all realms! This episode is about Charlie "Rocket" Jabaley who can also be found at charleyjabaley.com. Worth checking out for some inspiration! Find a way to get yourself inspired whenever you are … Continue reading Inspired.