Halloween candy guide.

Here is a Halloween candy calorie guide from Hungry Girl. Don't be afraid to add treats into your diet in moderation! Life is not about complete deprivation, and deprivation only makes it more likely you'll fall off and binge. Work on being mindful when you indulge. Sit down, savor that treat, pay attention to that taste you've … Continue reading Halloween candy guide.

Weight loss mistakes.

There are many plans and potential rules to follow when losing weight. Although staying on track and sustained effort can be difficult, the actual process need not be so challenging. This article from Self provides nice tips for achieving and maintaining weight loss, allowing leniency, and mistakes that can be made when too hyper-focused on things … Continue reading Weight loss mistakes.

Is alcohol right for you?

Alcohol is a common part of socialization, or to unwind at the end of a long day. Using any substance for coping has its risks to be considered, check out more info on that here. The weekend is here, and since alcohol may be a part of your routine, take some time to read about the … Continue reading Is alcohol right for you?

Healthy bagels.

Check out this unique bagel recipe. A low carb bagel option! I have yet to try them, but surely will. Check out a few more healthy breakfast recipes on the page as well! Remember even a low carb diet requires some carbs! I recommend aiming for a carb at each meal - breakfast, lunch, and … Continue reading Healthy bagels.