Halloween candy guide.

Here is a Halloween candy calorie guide from Hungry Girl. Don't be afraid to add treats into your diet in moderation! Life is not about complete deprivation, and deprivation only makes it more likely you'll fall off and binge. Work on being mindful when you indulge. Sit down, savor that treat, pay attention to that taste you've … Continue reading Halloween candy guide.

Mindful eating tips.

Learning to eat mindfully makes a big difference in weight loss. When you can slow down and pay attention to when, why, and what you are eating, and how various foods make you feel, you are more likely to make better choices. Try some of these tips from beachbodyondemand.com to be more mindful of your eating... https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/9-mindfulness-tips-to-eat-smarter-and-lose-weight

Informal mindful eating.

This article from Mindful magazine addresses the reality we do not all have the time to be entirely mindful every time we eat. Rather, they offer tips to engage in more informal mindful eating which can be accomplished on a daily basis. Consider printing off this nice chart as a reminder of what is mindless versus … Continue reading Informal mindful eating.

Simple weight loss tips.

Consider picking just one, develop the habit over a week or two, and then move on to another. Do not take on too much at once or you'll be more likely to give up. This is not a race to the finish! It is necessary to creat an actual lifestyle change in order to keep … Continue reading Simple weight loss tips.