Couple health.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a time we often think about romantic relationships, whether you have one, whether that one is good, whether you want one, whether you don’t, etc. There are good reasons for all those decisions! Whether a romantic partner, friend, co-worker, family member, or an acquaintance you’d like to know better, creating and … Continue reading Couple health.

Happier relationships.

Our relationships have a large impact on our wellbeing. When you feel unhappy about something in a relationship, or are holding onto anger, it really only serves to make you feel worse. This will decrease your own personal wellbeing and make it more likely you will get off track and lose sight of personal goals. Here … Continue reading Happier relationships.

Back on track.

It can be so difficult to get back on track after illness... or vacation, injury, a change in schedule, etc. I have been battling illness the past several days, which has completely zapped my energy and made even work very difficult... and I have been neglecting this blog :/ This week I am slowly trying … Continue reading Back on track.