Combat negative health effects of job.

Our jobs take up such a large portion of our lives, we cannot ignore the impact this can have on our health and wellbeing. If you know your job is stressful, and maybe even leading to negative health effects, it is time to consider some type of change. You may not be able to switch … Continue reading Combat negative health effects of job.


It can be difficult to set limits with loved ones or those close to you. Sometimes you may not even know what those limits need to be, or if or what would be helpful, you just know it does not feel good. If your interactions with others leave you feeling depressed, eating more, or getting … Continue reading Saboteurs.

The fear of keeping up.

Previously I discussed the greatness of missing out periodically by taking breaks from technology. Here is another article by Mindful magazine looking at the negative impact of technology, and the "fear of keeping up" (FOKU). Often when I discuss patients setting better boundaries, I hear excuses in the way of other people not understanding or … Continue reading The fear of keeping up.