Evaluate your relationships.

Part of being healthy ourselves, is to consider whether the people we surround ourselves with are healthy for us. This could include a romantic relationship, friendship, co-worker, family member, neighbor, etc. The idea of changing, or especially ending, certain relationships can appear impossible, though continued negative feelings about the relationship is a sign something needs … Continue reading Evaluate your relationships.

Healthy date night dinners in.

My husband and I absolutely find more value in preparing healthy, delicious meals at home together when we get the chance for a date night.  And, date nights with your partner round out that healthy lifestyle! Consider these recipe ideas to share with your partner, a friend, or for yourself with built in leftover lunch … Continue reading Healthy date night dinners in.

Happier relationships.

Our relationships have a large impact on our wellbeing. When you feel unhappy about something in a relationship, or are holding onto anger, it really only serves to make you feel worse. This will decrease your own personal wellbeing and make it more likely you will get off track and lose sight of personal goals. Here … Continue reading Happier relationships.