Weight loss depression.

While losing weight is exciting, it can come with unexpected negative emotions. The journey itself is difficult, relationships change, and your identity changes. It is important to be aware of the potential for some negative aspects of weight loss so you can deal with these along the way. Here is one woman's story about her … Continue reading Weight loss depression.


Obtaining a more objective and rational view of ourselves and our personal problems allows us to more clearly think of ways to work on changing these problems. Objective self-monitoring is difficult. Our emotional state can quite easily lead us to view situations in a non-objective manner, over-react, and make us unable to see how to … Continue reading Self-monitoring.


Many things get in the way of us understanding or living by our personal values. It takes confidence to live according to your own values, when those around you may think you should live another way. And, unfortunately, people tend to like getting into other people’s lives and telling them how they should live… parents, … Continue reading Values.

Confidence in your plan and your ability.

Finding the confidence to know you can accomplish a goal can be difficult. This may stem from low self-esteem, having tried without succeeding in the past, lack of knowledge base, or feeling there are too many roadblocks in your way. You may begin to perceive the process as too hard, too time-consuming, and too doomed-for-failure … Continue reading Confidence in your plan and your ability.

Coping with identity change.

As you begin to reach your goals, creating big lifestyle changes, your life can change drastically. This feeling can be uncomfortable for you, and for others in your life, and often leads to self-sabotage and returning to negative patterns. As you change your behaviors and lose weight, your identity and the way you view yourself … Continue reading Coping with identity change.