Create healthy habits for Fall.

Fall is a great time to get back into a healthy routine! It is easy to think summer will be a time for weight loss, but with the increase in vacation and socializing this is not always the case. The cool weather of Fall, school back in session, routines better in place - all make … Continue reading Create healthy habits for Fall.

Multiple benefits to healthy eating.

There are so many reasons to eat healthy, weight loss being just one perk! The benefits of a healthy diet, regardless of weight, are many. Check out this article for some extra motivation this Monday morning! From Medical News Today...

Couple health.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a time we often think about romantic relationships, whether you have one, whether that one is good, whether you want one, whether you don’t, etc. There are good reasons for all those decisions! Whether a romantic partner, friend, co-worker, family member, or an acquaintance you’d like to know better, creating and … Continue reading Couple health.

Keep with it.

Don’t stress out if you were off track this weekend with the Super Bowl! We all need to have some fun and freedom with our healthy living plans. The key is to not let a day of indulgence drive you completely off the right path. Get back into your healthy routine right away, don’t stress … Continue reading Keep with it.

Make movement a habit.

Even when you get in regular exercise, it can be shocking to think of how sedentary you are overall. Moving more has physical and psychological health benefits, and will likely get you to your weight loss goal sooner! If you are exercising consistently and not noticing results, it may be due to not moving enough … Continue reading Make movement a habit.