Health mistakes in your 30’s, not to repeat in your 40’s.

This article fromĀ SparkPeopleĀ rings very true for the way many of us live our lives unhealthily once kids and/or careers come along. Check out this article to pay attention to those things you have been doing against your health and wellbeing, and consider what changes you need to make moving forward with more health and wellness! … Continue reading Health mistakes in your 30’s, not to repeat in your 40’s.

Exercise and happiness.

If we get too caught up in the details of how much work it will take to lose weight, how many habits must be changed, this negatively affects our happiness and our confidence in the ability to make such a change. If we can change our mindset to think of the immediate positives of healthy … Continue reading Exercise and happiness.

Enhance happiness.

In order to feel happier, often we need to work on ourselves and our state of mind. When stressors come up, or something bad happens, we can forget we ever felt happy and negativity can begin to take over. When this becomes pervasive, all areas of life can suffer. Working to increase happiness really can … Continue reading Enhance happiness.

Feel happier today.

Check out these tips from Oxygen magazine to feel happier today, and every day! Improvements in mood go a long way in helping us reach our goals, so focus on increasing happiness in order to also meet those health and wellness goals! Related post... Morning positivity

Focus on gratitude.

We easily take multiple things for granted every day. Sometimes it takes an earth shattering, negative event for us to be more grateful and see there is so much to be grateful for. Changing toward a more grateful perspective (before the life-shattering event) can have an immensely positive effect on the way you feel, physically … Continue reading Focus on gratitude.