Stay on track through illness.

This topic is fitting today, as I have been battling a bad cold/flu - even more annoying that it is this time of year! I find it hard to stay on track when I am not well. Even when I feel nauseated, I have a tendency to think comfort foods will make me feel better. … Continue reading Stay on track through illness.

Practice self-care.

Practicing regular self-care is key to managing stress. As you begin to slow down and take time for yourself, even in small increments, you will become more self-aware. This will serve you well with understanding what you need to feel healthy and strong each day, or notice when your mind and/or body are not doing … Continue reading Practice self-care.

Consider these before you give up on your goal…

It is midweek, which can be a time where stress sets in, the week feels long, and it may be easier to consider giving in and giving up! But, before you do, consider these helpful tips from