Prevent injury.

Proper training is essential. This is particularly true when working to reach a fitness or weight loss goal. Injury will keep you away from reaching that goal as quickly as you would like and potentially give you an excuse to give up... and suffer in the meantime! ūüė¶ With weight loss often comes all-or-nothing thinking, … Continue reading Prevent injury.

Actual goal setting.

It is important to be realistic when setting goals. If you completely eliminate a food you truly love, you will be more likely to eventually binge or give up all together because you feel like the process is just too hard. My recommendation is to not get so caught up in the details when you … Continue reading Actual goal setting.


Focus is important in many aspects of life to keep us driven and working toward a goal. Getting through school work, work-work, spending¬† quality time with your kiddo/partner/friend¬†at the end of a long day... the list goes on. Focus is also very¬†important for reaching your wellness goals. I have spent some time here¬†talking about focusing … Continue reading Focus.