Emotional eating.

If you are an emotional eater, it is important you begin to recognize what triggers this eating and learn strategies other than food for comfort. Even when emotional, if you can slow down and be intentional about how to you deal with those emotions, it will help both your emotions and your waistline. Emotional eating … Continue reading Emotional eating.

Problem solve your energy.

I often hear from people things such as, "but I just don't have the energy," "I don't have any motivation," "I just can't do those things like other people can," etc. The truth is energy is made by the things we do for ourselves! Motivation and energy are not gained through sitting on the couch, … Continue reading Problem solve your energy.

Plan, then keep planning.

Often the goal is to "find a plan and then stick to it!" This is great in theory, though if it were that easy we would all be incredibly fit and healthy! The truth is, we need to make a plan and then keep planning. Now that you have decided when and how you will … Continue reading Plan, then keep planning.

Mood lifters.

Creating a wellness lifestyle creates vast improvements in mood. Yes, coping tools are great for getting through the bad moments and days. But, living an overall healthy lifestyle will lead to fewer and fewer of the bad times! Here are some tips and a list of mood lifters from SparkPeople! https://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=1562&utm_source=sparkpeople&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=best-of-sparkpeople&utm_content=TS4-1