Psych yourself up.

Whether to get started or keep going through a workout, sticking to a meal plan, or getting ready for the week ahead, mindset plays a huge role in how much energy we have to help us through. A negative mindset can zap energy, whereas a positive mindset has the power to create it. I believe … Continue reading Psych yourself up.

Build lasting motivation.

It is a must to build intrinsic motivation when working to reach a goal. If you can pay attention to how good healthy behaviors make you feel, versus only worrying about a clothing size or number on the scale, you will have much more success. The success will also be more likely to last for … Continue reading Build lasting motivation.

Are you ready for change?

Change is hard. Even when we know we want to make a change, it does not always happen because of the difficulty. Things get in the way, we lack motivation, there can be discomfort with change, we may fear the change, and we can sabotage our own efforts. In her book 13 Things Mentally Strong … Continue reading Are you ready for change?