Emotional eating.

If you are an emotional eater, it is important you begin to recognize what triggers this eating and learn strategies other than food for comfort. Even when emotional, if you can slow down and be intentional about how to you deal with those emotions, it will help both your emotions and your waistline. Emotional eating … Continue reading Emotional eating.

Halloween candy guide.

Here is a Halloween candy calorie guide from Hungry Girl. Don't be afraid to add treats into your diet in moderation! Life is not about complete deprivation, and deprivation only makes it more likely you'll fall off and binge. Work on being mindful when you indulge. Sit down, savor that treat, pay attention to that taste you've … Continue reading Halloween candy guide.

Eat like a Yogi.

Mindful eating is incredibly important and helpful to learning to control your portion size, how frequently you eat, monitoring emotional eating, and learning what foods make you feel good and which do not. This is a nice article from Experience Life to get you thinking about more mindful eating habits. Important for reaching those healthy goals and creating overall … Continue reading Eat like a Yogi.

Lifestyle stressors.

We often engage in negative behaviors with the intent of stress reduction. But, those very behaviors we think are helpful for coping, those negative coping behaviors, actually increase stress in our lives. Check out these negative coping/stress adding behaviors versus stress reducing behaviors. Stress inducing behaviors… Tobacco (smoking/chewing) Caffeine – more than 2-3 cups per … Continue reading Lifestyle stressors.

Healthy bagels.

Check out this unique bagel recipe. A low carb bagel option! I have yet to try them, but surely will. Check out a few more healthy breakfast recipes on the page as well! Remember even a low carb diet requires some carbs! I recommend aiming for a carb at each meal - breakfast, lunch, and … Continue reading Healthy bagels.