When low mood gets in the way of goals.

Creating healthy habits and achieving weight loss are difficult for anyone, even someone who feels psychologically healthy. When low mood, difficulty controlling moods, stress, and/or depression set it, this becomes even harder. Identifying goals and setting smaller steps to get there can actually be the key to combating depression, along with being healthier overall. Check … Continue reading When low mood gets in the way of goals.

Work from home benefits.

Of course not everyone will have the capability of working from home, and many people struggle even more with weight gain when working from home; but I like the points addressed in this article. I know for me, the ability to move around more in the day, and not feeling stress overload from taking on too much, makes … Continue reading Work from home benefits.

Parents de-stress with exercise.

All too often parents feel guilty for finding "me" time away from their kids. Exercise is perfect for finding some alone time, and so great for stress management and mental health! Raising a family is stressful!! It is a must to get away and de-stress. Here is one mom's story of improving mental health and … Continue reading Parents de-stress with exercise.

Reduce stress and create change.

Stress is overwhelming. We can get so caught up in all that feels stressful we cannot see a way out. Little changes can make a big difference in reducing stress, and opening up the space for change at the same time. Here are some ideas to reduce stress and at the same time create change … Continue reading Reduce stress and create change.