Consider limiting excess sugar.

The effects of cutting sugar from the diet can be tremendous for skin, mood, energy, feeling balanced, and weight control! The positive effects are something to truly be grateful for, even if you've been eating excess sugar for years! Learn more from

ThinkThin oatmeal.

I discovered these before I left town this time. They are delicious! They have been perfect for travel and will be super convenient for home. High in protein and fiber, low in sugar, and around 200 calories each. Just add water and about 45 seconds in the microwave... can't beat that for convenience! Try some!

Intermittent fasting.

I have frequently read about intermittent fasting for weight loss. I personally worry I would have a tendency to binge on the non-fasting days! Though, according to this article, research suggests that is not always the case. I am a huge believer in calories in versus calories out for the week versus worrying every day … Continue reading Intermittent fasting.