Couple health.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a time we often think about romantic relationships, whether you have one, whether that one is good, whether you want one, whether you don’t, etc. There are good reasons for all those decisions! Whether a romantic partner, friend, co-worker, family member, or an acquaintance you’d like to know better, creating and … Continue reading Couple health.

Healthy habits for families.

Here is a nice article from Reader's Digest with multiple tips for creating wellness within your family. The tips can be used for singles as well, or think friends, etc! Finding ways to incorporate habits of wellness into families can increase the wellbeing of each individual, and make the family unit feel so much better. … Continue reading Healthy habits for families.

Healthy date night dinners in.

My husband and I absolutely find more value in preparing healthy, delicious meals at home together when we get the chance for a date night.  And, date nights with your partner round out that healthy lifestyle! Consider these recipe ideas to share with your partner, a friend, or for yourself with built in leftover lunch … Continue reading Healthy date night dinners in.