Job burnout.

Job burnout is a large cause of people feeling overwhelmed, and adding to the feeling reaching any personal goals is impossible. I often work with individuals on managing job stress. It is basically a critical need to learn to manage work and set healthy boundaries with employment. Unfortunately, many people cannot see the crisis it … Continue reading Job burnout.

When your partner is not supportive.

Relationships pose large concern when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Some relationships will be supportive, and some may actually work to sabotage your efforts. Romantic relationships are especially difficult, because this is the person you are closest too and want to support you! Unfortunately, the support you are seeking may not always be there. … Continue reading When your partner is not supportive.


Many things get in the way of us understanding or living by our personal values. It takes confidence to live according to your own values, when those around you may think you should live another way. And, unfortunately, people tend to like getting into other people’s lives and telling them how they should live… parents, … Continue reading Values.


Here is a long list of coping/distraction techniques. Read through them, write down ones you may consider, or print out and check them off. Refer to this when you are feeling down, bored, or tempted to eat! Healthy coping and distraction are a must for getting through some tough moments on this journey! If you … Continue reading Coping.

Set realistic goals.

Set goals based on healthy behaviors, not related to weight or size. Weight loss, weight maintenance, and improved physical and psychological health are natural byproducts of healthy behavior!! In my obesity-related research, I found that self-efficacy is the number one predictor of starting and maintaining behavior change. We gain a sense of self-efficacy when we … Continue reading Set realistic goals.