Feeling content.

Happiness is something we often strive for, but in actuality not everyone is happy all of the time - which is completely okay and normal! Striving for complete happiness will likely lead to disappointment. Striving for contentment in life is a great goal, one that will likely bring more happiness! The more content and generally … Continue reading Feeling content.

Weight loss psychology.

Many of us know well all of the tools for losing weight. There are multiple sources, both free and fee based, to learn all about nutrition and exercise for weight loss. No matter how much we read about diet and exercise, no matter how much money we spend on the various sources for weight loss, lasting … Continue reading Weight loss psychology.


Comparing yourself to others is another way to incite negativity into your life. Make a list of the qualities you use to compare yourself to others… be honest. Is it attractiveness, wealth, strength, intelligence, generosity, balance, desirability, capability, superiority, accomplishment? Look at your list. Are these the qualities you are insecure about in your own … Continue reading Comparisons.

Morning positivity.

Mornings are a great chance to begin the day with a positive mindset and reset any negativity from the day before. We often think if we wake up and tell ourselves everything bad we think about our bodies or feel bad about what we did the day before, this will give us the motivation to … Continue reading Morning positivity.