Loving kindness meditation.

Changing the way we think about things is essential for overall wellbeing. This can be the people in our lives, our personal situation, the way we feel about ourselves, etc. Whether you buy into, or will ever try, meditation, simply engaging in more positive thinking can be life changing! However you take the time, just … Continue reading Loving kindness meditation.

Enhance happiness.

In order to feel happier, often we need to work on ourselves and our state of mind. When stressors come up, or something bad happens, we can forget we ever felt happy and negativity can begin to take over. When this becomes pervasive, all areas of life can suffer. Working to increase happiness really can … Continue reading Enhance happiness.

Recover from a binge.

Engaging in a binge eating episode can lead to much negative emotion and negative self-talk, which will only increase the likelihood of binging again or getting further off track from your goals. To remain positive and objective, gain self-understanding through learning about yourself and why you binge, will help you recover after a binge and … Continue reading Recover from a binge.