Plan, then keep planning.

Often the goal is to "find a plan and then stick to it!" This is great in theory, though if it were that easy we would all be incredibly fit and healthy! The truth is, we need to make a plan and then keep planning. Now that you have decided when and how you will … Continue reading Plan, then keep planning.

Smoothie bowls.

Smoothie bowls are more filling than your typical smoothie because there are more add-ins, and they are delicious! Check out these bowl ideas from Buzzfeed! Yum! Also a great healthy idea for kids! 

Physical health obesity-related concerns.

Finding the motivation to lose weight can be incredibly hard. Recently I noted some of the psychological concerns associated with obesity, and certainly these are motivating factors to want to lose weight. Unfortunately, those same psychological factors that make you want to lose weight can also get in the way of weight loss and make … Continue reading Physical health obesity-related concerns.

Post baby workout motivation.

A few months after my second child, and after naturally losing my first 25 pounds since the birth (I weighed 250 the day he was born - after he came out!), I knew I was not going to lose any more without changing up my lifestyle. In fact, I was at risk to gain, as I … Continue reading Post baby workout motivation.