Budget eating.

It is easy to fall into the thought trap that healthy eating must be expensive. It absolutely does not have to be! Without cheap and healthy meals, I would have never lost my weight. I have actually learned when I am my healthiest I save money. By planning, only buying what I need, and not … Continue reading Budget eating.

Get healthy on a budget.

Weight loss does not have to be expensive! There are so many free websites, videos, and ideas out there. Use the vast technology available to learn and then get creative! I lost my weight as a very poor, single struggling mother with huge medical bills and sick kids, in graduate school, and scraping to get … Continue reading Get healthy on a budget.

Budget meals.

It is easy to be negative about weight loss and healthy living with all of the costly promotions out there for foods, weight loss products, supplements, etc. I frequently hear complaints of the cost of weight loss being too high. The good news is it simply does not have to be that way!  Clean and … Continue reading Budget meals.

Full week meal plan for under $50.

It truly is possible to eat healthy and clean for cheap! This article from BuzzFeed provides a full week of healthy, fresh meals and snacks along with a shopping list totaling under $50! Everything looks delicious! https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamjones/eat-healthy-all-week-for-50-bucks?utm_term=.earKOynY6#.weW1L70OM Related post... Get healthy for cheap