Coping with food.

Sometimes food is used as a tool for coping and you may not even recognize this is the case. I previously discussed the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. Emotional hunger is more likely to lead to negatively coping with food. Coping with food can lead to weight gain, poor health, lethargy, low mood, … Continue reading Coping with food.


Here is a long list of coping/distraction techniques. Read through them, write down ones you may consider, or print out and check them off. Refer to this when you are feeling down, bored, or tempted to eat! Healthy coping and distraction¬†are a must for getting through some tough moments on this journey! If you … Continue reading Coping.

Emotional vs. True Hunger.

It is important to know the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. When we eat to try to cope with some emotion, fill some void, tame boredom, or engage in self-harm through binge-eating, it will only lead to more emotional pain and poor physical and psychological health. Learn to pay attention to when you … Continue reading Emotional vs. True Hunger.