Beat boredom.

Boredom is frequently a trigger to getting off track with weight loss goals. Learning to be okay with boredom is a highly important skill for overall wellbeing! Here is a great list of free ideas to fill your downtime from The Simple Dollar...

Embrace boredom.

It is a skill in life to learn to be okay with boredom, something many of us do not do well, particularly in the era of technology. In my own home, I hear complaints of boredom any time electronics are removed from the equation for too long! I see this repeatedly with both adults and … Continue reading Embrace boredom.


I enjoyed this article on self-care, and like the idea of the simple online self-care guide which can be found within the article... "You feel like shit: an interactive self-care guide." A simple reminder of the little things that lead to our overall improved wellbeing! I can never stress enough the importance of the little … Continue reading Self-care.

House walking.

Love this from VeryWell! No excuses. Just get moving! More steps is research proven to burn more calories! Being more active throughout the entire day is just as important as that time in the gym!

Body image after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an incredible miracle, and having a baby such a joy. Yet, it is also a time for mommies to deal with changing bodies, worry of whether they will get their bodies back, and really giving up your body for the process of growing and nourishing that little bundle of joy! The important thing to remember, … Continue reading Body image after pregnancy.