Grateful to exercise.

It can be hard to feel grateful for exercise, because people do not always love exercise! I challenge you this mid-week day to consider thinking of exercise as something to be grateful for! Remind yourself how fortunate you are to have the ability to exercise. Think of that friend or loved one battling illness, a … Continue reading Grateful to exercise.

Body positive inspiration.

I love this picture because it is beautiful! And, I love the message Winnie Harlow is sending about loving yourself and your beauty for you, not based on what anyone else may think. There is nothing sexier and more beautiful than self-confidence! Find some inspiration in her post!

Minimalism for health.

Weight loss really is a mind game. Too often with many things in life we tell ourselves we will do better tomorrow, we will work harder at it tomorrow, our relationship will be better tomorrow, we will have more time tomorrow (or next month, or next year, or after that big life hurdle), and on … Continue reading Minimalism for health.

Progress pics.

I strongly recommend everyone take progress pics! It is motivating to take a picture every month and see your progress... and more important than a number on the scale. Especially when adding strength, monitoring your progress in other ways than the scale is highly important. When I first started weight lifting, I lost no weight … Continue reading Progress pics.