Emotional eating.

Many of us are prone to emotional eating at some point in our lives, some of us more than others. Even happy events are tied to food… birthday cake, wedding cake, gatherings with various foods. Food is often tied to emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant. From the time we are born our parents helped us … Continue reading Emotional eating.

Healthy bagels.

Check out this unique bagel recipe. A low carb bagel option! I have yet to try them, but surely will. Check out a few more healthy breakfast recipes on the page as well! Remember even a low carb diet requires some carbs! I recommend aiming for a carb at each meal - breakfast, lunch, and … Continue reading Healthy bagels.

Coping with food.

Sometimes food is used as a tool for coping and you may not even recognize this is the case. I previously discussed the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. Emotional hunger is more likely to lead to negatively coping with food. Coping with food can lead to weight gain, poor health, lethargy, low mood, … Continue reading Coping with food.