Budget meals.

It is easy to be negative about weight loss and healthy living with all of the costly promotions out there for foods, weight loss products, supplements, etc. I frequently hear complaints of the cost of weight loss being too high. The good news is it simply does not have to be that way!  Clean and … Continue reading Budget meals.

Whole 30 egg bake.

Consider making an egg bake Sunday during your weekly meal prep, portion, and grab for breakfast each morning! Also makes a delicious, healthy lunch. I love the Whole 30 egg bakes because they are full of flavor and no cheese. I gave this one a try this week and it was delicious! From justjessieb.com... http://www.justjessieb.com/2013/11/sausage-egg-breakfast-bake-paleo.html?m=1

Healthy date night dinners in.

My husband and I absolutely find more value in preparing healthy, delicious meals at home together when we get the chance for a date night.  And, date nights with your partner round out that healthy lifestyle! Consider these recipe ideas to share with your partner, a friend, or for yourself with built in leftover lunch … Continue reading Healthy date night dinners in.