Make movement a habit.

When considering your goals, make a promise to yourself to simply move more! (regardless of amount of actual exercise) It all adds up, and some movement is better than no movement!


Even when you get in regular exercise, it can be shocking to think of how sedentary you are overall. Moving more has physical and psychological health benefits, and will likely get you to your weight loss goal sooner! If you are exercising consistently and not noticing results, it may be due to not moving enough the rest of the day.

Check out these tips from Readers Digest to get more movement in your day!

Strive to make moving more part of the habits of your daily routine!


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Getting Rid of Excuses.

Considering and planning for excuses and barriers can be key to achieving your goals. As you continue with this process, take time to periodically re-assess what is getting in the way. Here is an old post to help you combat those excuses!


We all have excuses when it comes to meeting goals. Sometimes any of us may be prone to more excuses based on whatever we have going on in life. Whether off track, never got started, or just having a bad day. Here are some tips to get rid of those excuses.

Write these down…

  1. Set a goal and prioritize it.
  2. List all the excuses for why you have not, or cannot, accomplish this goal.
  3. Think… what are realistic ways to get over each obstacle listed above?
  4. Create a specific plan for how you will accomplish this goal, getting around the obstacles you listed above.
  5. Now, list the barriers that could get in the way of your plan.
  6. How will you overcome them?


  • Stop acting as if the world is out to get you, as if the world is trying to stop you from meeting your goals.
  • Change your negative…

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Keep up with goals on the weekend.

Here is a previous post to get your motivation up for the weekend! Try to think of weekends as a time to re-center, re-plan, and re- energize rather than get completely off track! Even if you go out more and eat a bit less healthy, try to get in some planning and extra movement!


Rather than make weekends a time to let go of all goals and have a break from your healthy ambitions, make the weekend the no-excuse time to get in a workout and plan for wellness! You likely have somewhat more downtime on the weekend, less work (hopefully), and it should be easier to plan for a workout and healthy meals.

Weekends are the perfect time to…

  • Pre-plan for the week ahead.
  • Address your stress level as you have a bit more down time.
  • Ponder the previous week and think about what you want to do differently next week.
  • Consider your stress and what you didn’t like about the week, and make a priority list for the upcoming week.
  • Consider your goals and whether you are on track.
  • Pay attention to your moods a bit more, during the weekend and think back over the week – think about what may…

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Developing self-awareness is key in developing personal wellness. We must be honest with ourselves, open to knowing we might not like what we learn about ourselves, take personal responsibility, and be ready to make some changes. How often in a day are you objective and can see a situation from more than just your side? … Continue reading Self-awareness.

Morning positivity.

Re-posting this to think of some morning positivity after the weekend!


Mornings are a great chance to begin the day with a positive mindset and reset any negativity from the day before. We often think if we wake up and tell ourselves everything bad we think about our bodies or feel bad about what we did the day before, this will give us the motivation to be better today…

“I hate the way I look, I will never lose weight, I messed up my weekend, I hate myself for eating too much yesterday, and on and on… today is going to be a better day. I’ll be on track today.”

The problem is, when life sets in and stress overwhelms, you will treat yourself with the disrespect you spoke to yourself with that morning.

Take a few minutes every morning to engage in positive thought…

“I know I wasn’t on track yesterday, but today is going to be a good…

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